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Very satisfied! Explained things well.
Rose Fritsche, 10-12-18
This is my third vehicle I have bought from Oviedo and I have always been treated like I was a part of the family. The sales people I have dealt with are #1 and I always get treated the same after I own the vehicle.
Kathy Vasek, 10-01-2018
Very helpful and informative, made the process easy and understandable. I was very satisfied buying my first car!
Jose Rodriguez, 10-10-18
Very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend!
Sandra Chandler, 10-10-18
Dealership and staff are excellent! Really enjoy all of them.
Larry Boatright, 10-16-18
Customer service is great!
Lucinda Zavala, 10-13-18
Mr. Joe Marshall has been the most patient person to work with. Showed us and told us about every car. We will continue to come back!
Alberta Sikes, 11-12-2018
Very good to work with answered all my questions.
Scott Schramm, 10-26-18
Very professional, compassionate, amazing!
Brittney Scheider, 11-14-2018
The best truck buying experience I have ever had! Will always come back.
Don Hayes, 10-3-18
Oviedo is the best dealership I have ever dealt with! So courteous,caring, and always great to deal with. Thank you Joe Marshall for working with me. Also, Curry and Johnny for your awesome dealership!
Sheilah Popp, 11-14-2018
Our experience was wonderful with Joe Marshall! He helped us in every way possible. 
Keith Jones & Maxine Truesdale, 10-15-18
I have purchased several vehicles from this dealership. Joe is awesome! Honesty and sincerity is why I have stayed with Oviedo. Curry, Joe, and John provide honesty and respect to customers as should be. Thank you Oviedo for all that you do!
Diane Blaschke, 10-27-2018
The best buying experience I've had in 40 years! No pressure from any department had patience to get me just what I wanted and needed.
Joey Heumes, 10-1-18
Oviedo has serviced our precious trucks, and Phillip has always been phenomenal. We moved 2 hours away and continued to drive back because of their amazing service. Pete was awesome when we got ready to trade he found the perfect trucks and gave us the best deal around!
Joshua & Mariah Zatopek, 10-8-18
My experience with Oviedo Auto Group has been exceptional! My compliments to Mr. Johnny Oviedo, Mr. Joe Marshall, and Mr. Curry Johnson. I will definitely refer family & friends. Kind, caring, and friendly they went beyond to find the vehicle I was looking for!  
Barbara Kalina, 10-26-18
Very professional and helpful when dealing with us as a young newly wed couple with no credit. Very happy with how the sales rep and finance agent treated and guided us through the process. 
Connor Iannelli, 11-01-2018
Salesman Joey was great! Everyone was always helpful and pleasant to work with. Oviedo Dodge has always been top notch and always 100% courtesy & helpful. Thank you to the Oviedo Team!
Harvey & Suzette Zarr, 09-26-2018

I met Joe and Greg who were very kind, helpful and informative. Great representatives.

Mildred Duelberg, 09-26-2018
I will tell anyone and everyone about Oviedo. Joe was great. Really love working with him. Thank y'all so much!
Anthony Coe, 09-17-2018
Buying a car from you guys was very pleasant. Every person we dealt with was kind, considerate and cared about what we wanted. You searched until it was there. Thank you very much. You can be sure we will be returning customers.
Mary Lueders, 09-17-2018
Everything was great. Joe did a great job of dealing with us and getting us a great deal. Greg took his time to go over all our financing. We have bought here before and recommend anyone else to come by. Great people! 
Linda Mazoch, 09-11-2018
Thanks a bunch, Joe. You were awesome!
Alfonso Chavez, 09-05-2018
This has been a great experience. Everyone has been very helpful. 
Bruce Prellop, 09-05-2018
Very nice people. Joe was great!
Alfonso & Maria Guevara, 09-05-2018
Very helpful, small town kindness. Much better experience than the big city dealerships. 
Ramon Lopez, 08-31-2018
Had the pleasure of working with Greg, Joe and Mr. Oviedo! Got us the Durango we wanted! Thank you so much for the excellent service!!
Diana Torres, 08-25-2018
Great experience, very helpful and polite. Great service and they worked hard to get me the best deal!
Jonathan Wiederhold, 08-14-2018
Great service!
Carol Burcalow, 08-13-2018
Joe Marshall and the team at Oviedo made this new experience at great one! So helpful and made it easy and understandable! We were treated like family the moment we walked in the door.
Allison Worthington, 08-11-2018
Overall great experience buying from Joe and the Oviedo team. Excellent service and communication on how they take care of their customers. Closing with Greg was smooth and I will return.
Eric Curiel, 08-02-2018
Great customer service
William McKennon, 08-01-2018
I want to thank Johnny and Joe and thank everyone at Oviedo Dodge for all they've done to see that I get into a car I really wanted. God Bless all of you. Love you all very much!
Alberta Sikes, 07-31-2018
Joe, Peter and Greg were very helpful and made the purchase very fun. They were very friendly and easy to talk to and work with.
Ashley Elias, 07-25-2018
Norma & Stephen Haschke, 07-25-2018
I had the best experience at Oviedo Dodge. They worked hard to get me into a brand new truck. Thanks, Oviedo!
Donald Kuschnick, 07-24-2018
I really appreciated the way I was treated. Joe was great!
Merlin Haney, 07-23-2018
This is the 3rd truck I have purchased from Oviedo. I couldn't be happier with everything. Joe has always helped me with my everything. Awesome dealership - Thank you, Joe :)  :)
Jayme & Michael Raab, 07-23-2018
I like the way the salesman helped out on getting me my car. Love you guys for all your help!
Dorothy Scott, 07-18-2018
I was in need of help on July 11th of 2018 and told them the problem. Checked out some vehicles.. Mr. Joey was really a big help. Got an estimate on a car, he worked with us. How was very nice and understandable with everything. Very professional.
Ty & Debra Anderson, 07-18-2018
Joey was wonderful! Thankful for all the hard work they did to get me where I needed to be.
Keleh Barnett, 07-11-2018
Great experience! Pete was fantastic to work with!
Clair Hoffman, 07-11-2018

Oviedo employees are great! Joey Oviedo was extremely helpful!

Tiffany Rose Moeller, 07-10-2018
My experience with Oviedo Dodge was great! Great service and hospitality. Would recommend.
Jose Hernandez, 07-07-2018
Very helpful, explained every question we had. Very friendly attitude.
Carolyn & Patrick Peters, 07-06-2018
Pete was a very good salesman. Also, Mr. Curry.
The Ellis Family, 07-05-2018
Mr. Joe was an awesome sales person. We love doing business with these nice people. Good bless Oviedo for my new car.
Marvin Johnson, 07-03-2018
Very pleasant experience, very professional sales people. Very pleased.
David Krenek, 06-30-2018
Great dealership with great staff! Highly recommend. If they don't have it, they'll find it.
Connie Koopman, 06-25-2018
From the beginning to then end.. Joey, along with the Oviedo family, was very professional and made me feel as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend using Oviedo when purchasing a vehicle. I am very appreciative!
Grayson Hollie-Thigpen, 06-25-2018
No words. Joe took awesome care of me and went above and beyond to find the car I asked for. 5 star rating!
Krisitna Jasinski, 06-22-2018
Very good salesperson and great help.
Ann & Randall Morris, 06-22-2018
We had an awesome experience. This is the third vehicle we've purchased from Oviedo, and will continue to do so in the future. The staff are courteous and there to help you get the best experience possible.
Mark Hofferek, 06-21-2018
Very good service! Enjoyed Joe and Sarah's hard work and courtesy. First time buying at Oviedo and it was a great experience.
Chad & Deitra Novak, 06-14-2018
Awesome! :)
Lolette Ebner, 06-14-2018
Wonderful. No complaints. Very nice, easy and enjoyable wit work with.
Joseph & Kristy Barten, 06-11-2018
Great job & awesome experience.. Thanks!!
James Magness, 06-08-2018
I had a great experience at Oviedo. My sales associate was really helpful and answered all of my questions. They helped me find the best financing option and it was overall a fast and painless experience. I will definitely come back here again!
Katherine Martin, 06-06-2018
Joe was very helpful with my purchase. My questions were quickly taken care of. Made my purchase quick and easy.
Eric Pearl, 05-24-2018
Bruce is a great guy, very nice. I will do repeat business with Bruce and the Oviedo Dodge dealership.
Narciso Delgado, 05-24-2018
Me gusto el servicio. Son personas muy amables. Estoy contento de aver venido aqui.
Fransisco Cordova, 05-22-2018
We had a awesome salesperson. Thank Joe Marshall for bring you!
Dennis & Donna Bartek, 05/22/2018
Bruce was great, nice guy
Johnny Green, 05/22/2018
Bruce was great and answered all of our question. He was amazing.
Victoria Cordova De Netro, 05-21-2018
Joe was very helpful in helping me make a decision. Very nice experience.
Sandra Zatopek, 05/21/2018
Great experience!!
Keelan Daniel, 05-21-2018
Professional and courteous service. Thank you.  
Randy Sheenan, 05-19-2018
Good customer service, friendly and hardworking staff.
Sharondlla Foster, 05-15-2018
Excellent service and great hospitality!
Chestin Rollins, 05-17-2018
Had a great buying experience. Worked with Pete in sales. He gave us all the ins and outs of the vehicle and displayed great customer service. Introduced us to the staff who will be servicing my new truck. All in all, a very positive experience.
Thomas Glynn, 05-14-2018
I really liked the way they treated us. Pete was very informative as well. Great staff!
Hugo & Jovita Juarez, 05-08-2018
Robert Janecek, 05-08-2018
Amazing sales person! Pete is great to deal with! Great team!
Marsha Matura, 05-07-2018
Y'all are the best! I was a little indecisive, but Joe, Peter and Curry really took the their time to ensure I left with a vehicle makes me smile. A thousand thank yous!!
Michael Ballard & Amelia Slover, 05-07-2018
From the first call to the dealership, until my purchase, I was impressed with the professionalism and small town warmth at the dealership. Great experience~
Craig Moreau, 05-05-2018
Had a good time talking with Joe my salesman, he did very well at explaining to me and answering all the questions I had. Everyone at the dealership was polite. I would recommend this dealership to all my friends.
Eddie Hamilton, 04-26-2018
Was just going to pick up my Jeep and ended up buying a new truck! I must say, the experience was great! Was treated great by Joe Marshall and everyone. Price was too good to turn down. Happy camper. Now I wont be just wishing, Ill be going fishing :)
George & Rosa Velasquez, 04-23-2018
Great service, great atmosphere.
Chayton Lemley, 04-20-2018
Always a professional experience.
Chris Cones, 04-20-2018
Joe was great. Treated me well, got a good deal on a new truck. Thanks Oviedo and Joe.
Ron Durden, 04-19-2018
The people at work for Mr. Oviedo are great people.
Roy Chandler, 04-19-2018
Absolutely wonderful service. Friendly and welcoming. Very knowledgeable about how to help me. A+ 
Almeeta Gaylord, 04-19-2018
Bruce was a very considerate salesperson. I would pick him again if I needed assistance in purchasing another vehicle.
Lena Scott, 04-18-2018
Joe Marshall is amazing! I would recommend him to anyone. Most pleasant buying experience!
Clayton & Sarah Zarr, 04-17-2018
Joe was great to work with. Gave me the deal I wanted on a New Jeep. Transaction was quick and easy. Would highly recommend.
Kris Reed, 04-13-2018
Curry Johnson, Joe and Sarah did a job well done at helping me purchase my new vehicle. I thank you all so much for my blessing!
Tracy Henry, 04-11-2018
The sales were very helpful and supportive. I really appreciate the way they handled the business in a professional and matured manner.
Ernest Sarfo, 04-09-2018
Excellent customer service and experience.
Rudy Madrigal, 04-07-2018
Service was great, easy and fast. Would recommend to family and friends.
Wendy & Aaron Manzano, 04-04-2018
The people were so helpful and happy to help. Joe is an amazing person, so full of knowledge of the job he does. I'm very pleased with all the staff and for the owner to meet us to thank us, that's something you don't see at dealerships.
Lin & Gerry Hartstack, 04-02/2018
Coming to Oviedo was the best experience that I have ever had with any dealership! I am recommending these guys to everyone I know!
Annette Coe-Brooks, 03/31/2018
As always, great service and sales. Will always come to Joe Marshall in the future for anything I need.
Keith Neuendorff, 03/29/2018
It was great working with Bruce! We will recommend him to our friends!
Greg & Kathy Beauford, 03/29/2018
Enjoyed the experience - Joe is a great salesman.
Jerry Adams, 03-27-2018
It was really nice to get a car from Oviedo. They are really nice and helpful!
Katrina Kazmir & Dustin Gonzales, 03-25-2018
This was a pleasant experience. Everyone did all they could to help me get into this car, Thanks!
Timothy Turnbull, 03-21-2018
Great friendly service! 5 star rating. Great salesman Joe Marshall. Will definitely be returning for future purchases.  
Gary Nunnelly, 03-19-2018
We appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable people here at Oviedo Dodge! Thank you to Joe Marshall for calling us when you had a car that fits our needs! 
Marcus & Michelle Recek, 03-17-2018
Bruce was an amazing salesman!
Karina Marroquin Ruiz, 03-13-2018
Joe, thank you for everything. And Johnny, too!
Izzy Villalobos-Lara, 03-16-2018


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