Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Great friendly service! 5 star rating. Great salesman Joe Marshall. Will definitely be returning for future purchases.  
Gary Nunnelly, 03-19-2018
We appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable people here at Oviedo Dodge! Thank you to Joe Marshall for calling us when you had a car that fits our needs! 
Marcus & Michelle Recek, 03-17-2018
Bruce was an amazing salesman!
Karina Marroquin Ruiz, 03-13-2018
Joe, thank you for everything. And Johnny, too!
Izzy Villalobos-Lara, 03-16-2018
I want to thank all who helped me get into my new Fiat at Oviedo. Peter, Joe and Curry were all excellent as they worked with me and explained what I needed to do every step of the way - you all operate in excellence. And good job to Sarah for doing a great job in all the final paper work.
Jonelle Hammack, 03-13-2018
This is our 2nd purchase and we are very satisfied. We would like to thank the team for a smooth transition.
Richard Rosas, 03-12-2018
Bruce was very nice and helpful
Katie Christen, 03-12-2018
Bruce did a great job. Made me feel secure in dealing with all aspects of the trade and sale of the car.
Martha Hernandez, 03-10-2018
Great customer service, felt important, not like just another customer.
Dylan Reed, 03-10-2018
Bruce did such an awesome job with the sale from the beginning to the end. Was definitely a spontaneous purchase, but worth it. Thank you for your service, I love my new car!
Lilliana Zapata, 03-10-2018
Thank you Joe for helping me get into a truck that I really wanted, and yet again, amazing customer service. Also, thank you Curry for making it happened! You guys are great!
Katelyn Kaltwasser, 03-08-2018
The people at Oviedo always find the truck I'm looking for at a great price and take care of me after the sale with great service. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
James Fietsam, 03-07-2018
Super helpful and always a pleasure doing business here. Knowledgeable. Thanks a million. 
Kori Lee, 03-05-2018
Good service and helpful. Very explanatory.
Colby Siptak & Lindsey Zajicek, 03-03-2018
Bruce is by far the most amazing salesman. He was up front and honest throughout the whole buying experience. We will definitely be returning customers. The entire crew today was amazing!
Anna Garamillo, 03-03-2018
Great experience, great saleslady. Thanks!
Loretta Hand, 03-01-2018
All staff is very nice, service is very good. Kayla was great. Curry Johnson was very professional. It was hard when the first vehicle wasn't available, but they found another one. Thank you so much!
Steven & Maria Gilbreath, 02-28-2018
Time after time we come to Joe and we are never disappointed with the customer service. Thank you, Joe!
Dalton & Rodney Kaltwasser, 02-28-2018
Bruce was very personable and took care of my wants and needs - will come see him again.
Ron Samek, 02-26-2018
Thanks Joe, for the great customer service.
Blair Tomlinson, 02-26-2018
Service was excellent! Kayla was very knowledgeable and attentive. Followed up after every step. I will refer Kayla and Oviedo do my friends.  
Brent Lewis, 02-24-2018
This place is awesome!! Made us the best deal out of everyone we went to. The people are great! I highly recommend Oviedo to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. Thank you!
Brian Schuchardt, 02-24-2018
Overall wonderful experience with everyone.
Will Fowlkes, 02-23-2018
Joe and Curry were very knowledgeable and helpful in the purchase of my new Ram truck. No pressure and no haggle will have me coming back to Oviedo.
Blake Rosenbaum, 02-23-2018
Oviedo is good, and service is great!
Johnny Johnson, 02-23-2018
The service provided was great. The team at Oviedo helped ensure I found the vehicle right for me, and they were very courteous. Great place and great people.
Joel Waters, 02-20-2018
Bruce was easy to work and deal with. He got me to where I wanted to be on my new vehicle. Will for sure use again!
Jacob Zatopek, 02-19-2018
Joe Marshall and Tom Dawson were punctual and professional from start to finish. An absolute pleasure to do business with Oviedo.
Chris Downey, 02-17-2018
Service was okay, friendly people. Well mannered people and polite.
Raymond Bamsch, 02-17-2018
Bruce was great!
Shelby Page, 02-17-2018
Great experience, staff was very helpful, no pressure.
Rebecca Pavlas, 02-17-2018
Grateful!!! Kind, friendly and helpful people. Thank you, Tom, Joe and Curry!
Jamie Garrison, 02-16-2018
Joe always goes above and beyond my expectations. The entire dealership always does! We will be back!
Cheri Solomon, 02-16-2018
Happy customer. Kayla wasn't pushy
Ronald Baas, 02-15-2018
Bruce was helpful answering questions and finding answers. Very friendly, great smile.  Reviewed parts and accessories of new vehicle. Grateful for their service.
David Ott, 02-15-2018
I returned to trade in my vehicle and was met with a warm smile, like a family. They treated me very well. I will be back.
Sandra Hudson, 02-14-2018
Bruce made the buying experience pleasurable and as usual everyone at Oviedo was very helpful.
Roy Adams, 02-12-2018
Great service, no attitude, great customer service. 
Juan Barboza, 02-12-2018
Great experience, no pressure. Kayla was very helpful and the finance manager explained all the paperwork very well. We will definitely come back. 
Mike Oevermann, 02-10-2018
I met Johnny Oviedo in Feb 2008. Eight Dodge Rams later, he, Joe Marshall and Phillip Tucker are still my truck guys. I could not be happier with a truck dealership. I drive 250 miles to do business with them!
John Hughes, 02-08-2018
Very Cheerful
Linda Reynolds, 02-08-2018
Thanks Corey "bad man" lol
Shandrae Wright, 02-08-2018
Had excellent service from Kayla and Brian.
Walter & Mollie Pawlik, 02-07-2018
Everyone was very kind and helpful. I would recommend this dealership to anyone. 
Tres Franklin, 02-07-2018
Joe is a very nice salesman. He was my first car sale in 2014. They are very nice people to deal with. 
Laura Grant, 02-05-2018
Every aspect of Oviedo is awesome! Form the receptionist when you first walk in the door to the salesman, finance dept, service and finally owner. They all have the customer as their priority. We love Oviedo and will never shop anywhere else. Thank you, Mr Oviedo and your wonderful group of employees that take care of us like a true family. 
Blake & Kathy Shedd, 02-03-2018
Joe Marshall was very accommodating. He allowed us to use the vehicle until the check arrived from my insurance company. He was very professional in both transactions. My husband's new Dodge and the Nissan we just purchased. He also helped me get info to the adjuster who was handling my claim. He also arranged the credit for me. I do appreciate his conscientious attention to our transaction. 
Dorthy & Charles Kothmann, 02-01-2018
Quick and easy. Professional and courteous. Will give them 1st shot on my next one. 
Dave Beckman, 02-01-2018
As usual Josh was very knowledgeable and helpful. We have bought several cars from Oviedo and Josh B and the service is great. Tom in finance was very complete in his explanation of our deal and extended warranty. 
Dannie & Jacqueline Johnson, 01-24-2018
Good service, painless process
Rick Ringstaff, 01-22-2018
I was very impressed with the sales team, Definitely a great experience. 
Lance Solomon, 01-17-2018
Corey was great. 
William Pfeiffer, 01-15-2018
Thanks to Joe Marshall and Johnny Oviedo to all the business we have done. Must not be to bad, we are on number 6 for trucks we have purchased. Thanks again.
Mike Tabbert, 01-12-2018
Joe is amazing! He made buying our truck so enjoyable. He so knowledgeable, but also laid back! If you are looking for someone who makes buying your next vehicle an outstanding experience, Joe is the person you want to work with.  
HL & Barb, 01-10-2018
Kayla was a great sales women. She was very professional and nice while keeping a smile. Thanks Kayla and Mr. Johnson for helping me with the sale!
Brittany Burley, 01-08-2018
Awesome dealer and staff!! Very courteous and attentive. Very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful sales consultant - Joe Marshall. Enjoyable experience in shopping and purchase of vehicle. Finance Manager was very knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to deal with. We would purchase here again and recommend Oviedo.  
Bill Seymore, 01-06-2018
Joe Marshall was a great salesman. I will certainly come back for my next truck!
Andy Blaha, 01-04-2018
Joe and the staff were a pleasure to work with. The whole process was quick and to the point. Simplest trade process that I have been through. Thanks!
Darrell Wenzel , 12-28-2017
Curry Johnson was very courteous, knowledgeable and patient during my buying experience. Much effort was exercised in locating the vehicle I wanted which included a towing package. I recommend Oviedo to other buyers. 
Marcus Krupala, 12-28-2017
I have, as always, had an above excellent experience buying my vehicle with Kayla, Tom in Finance and Curry Johnson. Kayla is a jewel - very helpful, informative, genuine and ready to assist from day one to the final day of sale. This is my 6th vehicle purchase. I will certainly refer friends and family to Oviedo for purchasing a vehicle. I've had nothing but superb treatment and service here. 
Janis Marshall Todd, 12-28-2017
I would like to thank Joe and the entire Oviedo team for doing such a wonderful job with customer service. Our family will continue to buy vehicles from Oviedo!

The Castillo Family
Ruben Castillo, 12-22-2017
Good service. 
Robert Hudec, 12-21-2017
One word, AWESOME! Ask for Kentrell!!
Alicia Baker, 12-21-2017
Second vehicle purchased here. Very good dealership and personnel. 
John Connell, 12-20-2017
Dealing with Corey and Tom was so easy! We were in and out as quickly as possible, and feel we got a truly fair deal. Thank you, Oviedo! We'll be seeing you again soon
Robyn Brooks, 12-20-2017
When buying our 1 ton we have awesome help from Joe Marshall and Mr. Oviedo. Great job guys!
Dennis & Donna Bartek, 12-19-2017
Friendly and kind staff got me into a truck at a price that I wanted. Thank you!
John Rosas, 12-18-2017
You took care of everything! All I had to do was sign the paper work. Thanks!
Ashley Kyser, 12-14-2017
Great as usual! I came back because of the service.
Sondra Baker, 12-13-2017
Great service. Nice trucks. Overall a good vibe and welcoming people. Thanks Cory for the help!
Romeo Rodriguez, 12-13-2017
As a returning customer, I wanted to stay with the Oviedo Family and after searching for the right fit..Josh found my new baby! Easy transition and even found the color I wanted and had it shipped in! Got my new Jeep and looking forward to a continued relationship with these guys!
Shanno Hemmitt, 12-13-2017
Thanks so much for your help in finding the Jeep we wanted. Kayla was fun to work with. She was attentive to our desire and did a great job. 
Juditha Ott, 12-06-2017
Thanks again, Joe... really appreciate your straight forward manner and the personalized attention. See you for the next one! 
Joe Galbraith, 11-27-2017
Wow! Beyond excellent! We have dealt with so much from losing our vehicle and farm to the flooding in Warton to then our truck stolen. Joe provided excellent customer service and was very easy going, understanding and kind. Thank you so much for helping us in our recovery process! 
Trey & Michelle Hancock, 11-22-2017
Charming, very friendly, knowledgeable. Thank you, Corey!
Jan Murphy, 11-20-2017
Great service!!
Lee Henry, 11-20-2017
My experience at Oviedo Dodge with Joe and Tom was fantastic. They helped me find the perfect truck for me and made everything understandable for me. 
Kesley Kaltwasser, 11-18-2017
We had a very pleasant experience working with Kayla. She was wonderful! Look forward to working with her in the future
Mackey Boyd, 11-16-2017
Enjoyed our purchasing experience! Kentrell was very, very helpful! Knew what we wanted. 
Ruby & Glenn Hudson, 11-16-2017
Great experience here. Always has been from service to sales. Will continue to do business at Oviedo. 
Steve Toddy, 11-15-2017
I really appreciate Josh for all his help in finding me a Jeep! I am sure I tested his patience with all my questions, but he was awesome! I can't ask for better service!! Thank, Josh! 
Julie Foster, 11-15-2015
Great sales rep. Good Dealer. 
Kenneth Behlen, 11-15-2017
Great service from Joe Marshall. Cooperative, friendly - exceeded our expectations. Leaving as a very satisfied customer! 
Ronnie Williams, 11-14-2017
Great service! 
Ronnie Beck, 11-14-2017
Kayla was a good salesperson. Good friend! 
Donna Roberts, 11-13-2017
Corey helped my brother get a truck then he helped me and my dad. Definitely sending more people to Oviedo Dodge!
Douglas Kunschick, 11-11-2017
We went to 3 other dealerships and none of them wanted to help us. Corey worked all day and didn't give up on us!
Donald Kunschick, 11-11-2017
Corey was very helpful and positive about us buying a truck. He answered all of our questions and reassured all of our worries to a minimum. 5 star rating for Corey and the rest of the staff
Carla Berlanga, 11-11-2017
Joe was very nice and asked us if we needed anything to drink or eat. He is great at his job!
Waylon & Alisha Davis, 11-06-2017
I am a 1st time buyer at the age of 55. Kayla made me feel right at home. The Boss is a great guy. I will be depending on this family for future purchases. Thank you, Oviedo Dodge in La Grange. 
Nowanda Ledbetter, 11-09-2017
Great! They treated us like family. Thank you!
Manuel & Julie Marin, 11-03-2017
We are repeat customers of Oviedo. Largely due to Joe Marshall and the direct, open way he dealt with us. Oviedo had a vehicle in stock at a fair price. Bought with no hassle. 
Walt Rognerud, 11-03-2017
Everything and how I was treated was more then what could have been expected. Courteous, professional and very kind. A very good experience and would recommend Oviedo to friends. 
Patricia Kline, 11-02-2017
Oviedo is a great place to do business. Kentrell was very polite and helped me make my decision. 
Rupert Deal, 10/12/2017
Great customer service! Worked hard to get me into a vehicle when I was in need of another vehicle for my family. Would recommend this dealership to others. 
Lanisha Smith, 09-30-2017
As always..Everything was fantastic! Tom and Joe were are the best. Will always come back here without question.  
Shirley Behrens, 05-25-2017
I have purchased several vehicles form Oviedo Dodge and recommend this dealership to those who are looking for a vehicle to purchase. The staff provides excellent customer service.
Kelli Meinholdt, 04-12-2016
Thank you so much for all your help!! You did an awesome job with getting us into the truck we wanted!!!
Nathan Wenke, 07-23-2016
My family and I are customers for life! This is our second vehicle to purchase from Oviedo and we are always treated like family! Thank you, Oviedo Dodge! Joe did an outstanding job and went above and beyond the call of duty. 
Stephen Alexander, 07-08-2016
Everyone was very nice. Joe and Tom were excellent. Great customer service. I really appreciated the work that was done to put me in a vehicle. Thanks guys! :) 
Felicia Caldwell, 10-20-2017


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