Dodge Durango's Fuel Efficiency Features

The SUV class is one that is growing in popularity, giving drivers added cargo and passenger space along with enhanced hauling and road performance. Dodge's Durango is a mid-size SUV that incorporates plenty of fuel efficiency features into its engine design, delivering the power to haul a heavy load with the ability to also save money at the gas pump.

Switch your Durango into Eco Mode by pushing a button on the console and enjoy improved gas mileage as the vehicle streamlines its response to acceleration. Both throttle and transmission play a part in enhancing fuel efficiency, shifting to higher gears lower in the revolution cycle to save gas.

There are two engines available for the Durango, a V6 engine offering up 295 horsepower for a maximum of 26 mpg on the highway, and a V8 engine with 360 horsepower that delivers up to 22 mpg at highway speeds. The V6 engine also offers up to 600 miles per tank in what is a vehicle class-leading fuel economy.

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